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Styli Style Flat Eye Liners (Vienna and Vegas)

Posted on: March 27, 2011

Styli-Style. Now this brand is a savior. They offer their eye and lip liners in pretty innovative designs. Now this beauty tool is my recent favorite liner pencil – for the eyes and lips. Its flat and easy to use because its tip is pointed just right. Plus, its creamy so the application is a no sweat. You can use it as a liner or eyeshadow. I kinda like it as an eyeshadow since it’s already creamy so I don’t need to use any primers anymore. I often use the Styli-Style Flat Eyeliners, when I’m in a hurry, as a base when making a smokey-eye look since other colors and other eyeshadow brands blends with it perfectly.

Styli-Style Flat Eyeliners Vegas and Vienna and the cute Flat Sharpener

You can buy one flat pencil for Php 575.00 or Php525.00 (sorry i forgot), in all Beauty Bar Stores. Of-course, the brand offers its own unique sharpener for this specific product, which costs Php 275.00 or Php 255.00 (forgot, again.)

MY STYLI-STYLE PENCILS: Vegas, Vienna, St. Carnaby, Madison, Monte Carlo, Marbella

My first Styli-Style haul was mostly lipliners (St.Carnaby, Madison, Monte Carlo and Marbella). I just added 2 eyeliner shades for trial and now I have 4 more shades on my must buy list, but for now, here’s Vienna (Frost Blue) and Vegas (Gold).

With Flash: Vienna and Vegas

No Flash: Vienna and Vegas

As of Now I Am Loving VEGAS!


Check out Beauty Bar for more of this gorgeous pencil!



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