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THE FACE SHOP Fresh Strawberry Lip Balm

Posted on: April 14, 2011

I only have one word for this product, and that is YUM!

It’s my sister and I’s favorite flavored lipbalm! We actually got this by accident . In order to avail of the freebie (which was a gold sequined make up kit,) we had to reach a certain amount of purchases. So to fill in the gap we added this cheap lipbalm/gloss in our basket. Little did we know that it would turn out to be the best thing that we bought from the Face Shop that day.

Fresh Lipbalm Strawberry

Light Peachy Pink but likely clear for a balm/gloss

I’m telling you, you have to buy it! It’s strawberry flavor is just so YUMMY!!! You can smell the strawberry flavor diffusing straight to your nose as you open the pot. hihihi. Plus its a good gloss too.

It only cost Php185.00 or 195.00 (i forgoot) and it comes in a generous sized pot. But of course like every other balms-in-pots, you have to use your fingers in applying. But hey, its really yummy! WAY BETTER THAN the lipbalms from Body Shop bwahahaha

Its a 4/5 for this yummylicious balm! =)




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