All Glammed Up with Kat . . .

NICHIDO Clear Mascara

Posted on: April 26, 2011

If you haven’t read my previous blogs about my obsessive-compulsive eyebrow grooming, then may this enlighten you to why I am such an eyebrow groomer. A clear mascara for my long thick eyebrows.

I have lots of eyebrow products already (some are waiting in a long queue to be blogged) that’s why I’m not choosy when it comes to clear and plain ones. I used “In2it’s” clear mascara, before, whenever my  brows are freshly trimmed for a neat eyebrow look, but then changed to Nichido when I saw that they offer theirs in a much bigger and cheaper bottle. The formula is just like any other clear mascara brand (except for MACs). So basically, I only use this one for my brows.

Clear Mascara

One bottle is priced at around Php 90.oo only. See, its cheap! 🙂

Its applicator Brush is full and big, which is almost quite the same as the Benefit Bad Gal Mascara’s brush.



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