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Lip Ice Watermelon Gloss

Posted on: May 2, 2011

This lip gloss was bought by my little sister from Watsons. She was adamant on getting a hold of this little lip gloss which made curious and eventually tried it out. It wasn’t really that bad, in fact, it’s flavor was great. It’s got this watermelon scent which makes it likeable. The glossiness and the sheer pink color of this product is quite alright too. It’s not sticky or too wet, which works for me, atleast.

LIP ICE Watermelon Gloss

One tube of Lip Ice Gloss is Php 125.00 only. Yep, it’s a cheap stuff which makes it much much worth it. =)

I am not a lipgloss fan, but I think this is a pretty great one!

Maybe you can try it? =)



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Sooooooo beautiful…..♥

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