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BENEFIT Boi~ing Concealer

Posted on: July 4, 2011

Boi~ing! Boi~ing! Boi~ing! Imagine the sound of a twisted metal wire with that boing sound! Now that describes this industrial strength concealer. For the face, upper body, lower body, arms, legs, whatever! Get the picture?

BOI~ING Concealer

One pot is priced at $18.00 A modest price for a modest concealer. So modest that you wouldn’t notice that its there somewhere on your pretty face, doing its wonders covering your most undesirable flaw. It’s got this creamy texture that covers any dark area on your face without creasing hence a smooth and invisible coverage. Huuray!

It comes in a really cute hot-pink and black packaging (the one on the photo appears lighter because of the flash and lighting). Β It’s got a clear lid with the BOI~ING logo branded on it.

BOI~ING in Deep Pretty Packaging

BOI~ING comes in three shades. Light, Medium and Deep. Unfortunately the Deep shade got into my items instead of the Medium that was ordered. So I had to give it away. Ordered another one which is now in transit πŸ™‚


I’d give this one a 3/5.

Boi~ing! Boi~ing! Boi~ing!

Smashbox’ HD concealer is still my favorite though πŸ™‚



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