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MAC CHANEL Lipstick Swatches Part I: Pink Nouveau, Milan Mode, Ruby woo, Joyeous

Posted on: July 13, 2011

I made swatches 2 months ago and forgot to load these up until tonight since I still couldn’t sleep. So here goes a swatch of four lipsticks for comparison.


Pink Nouveau, Barbie Pink as always.

Milan Mode looks light here probably due to the flash. But its actually a deeper pink color.

See how dry Ruby Woo is. The application is really hard though…

Joyeous, gorgeous as always.

I’ll swatch and make reviews of the other shades next time. I never thought swatch-ing could be such a lucrative task! :p

Cheers for Lip Collections! :0



2 Responses to "MAC CHANEL Lipstick Swatches Part I: Pink Nouveau, Milan Mode, Ruby woo, Joyeous"

Hello Kat!

Can I ask you if I am able to use MAC Ruby Woo as a lipstain??

Hope my explanation is clear enough. I previously own a red matte lipstick and i dun usually apply them directly on the lips. Instead I get a bit of the colour, from the lipstick, on my index n smear it thinly on my lips to prevent the colour from being too loud.

So in a way, i am just staining my lips w the colour n not really applying/gliding across my lips.

Thank you so much!!!

Hi SI Ying!

I Personally i don’t think using the Ruby Woo as a lipstain would work well, since its specific matte-finish is really dry. I myself have a hard time applying it to my lips. It might not give you the light stain color that you’re aiming for, it just might give you a “plain-ly dry with a bit of red crayon-y look…”

Ruby woo works great if you’re aiming for a full red colored lips..

hmm maybe try another red shade in Satin formula 🙂

Hope this helps. Goodluck!

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