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Now I really have to give my praises to this wonderful waterproof mascara that live up to its promises! I now brand thee, Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara in Very Black, as my everyday Gym Mascara.

Yes! I’ve been using this product whenever I go to the gym. And it doesn’t smear, smudge, run at all (despite the storm of sweat that runs down my face. Of all the make ups that I can’t live without, a mascara earns a spot on my the list. I can go out without a blushers, foundations, powders, and lipsticks as long as I have my trusty mascara on. Because for me, if the eyes are the windows to the soul, then ones eyelashes are the perfectly complimenting shutters for those windows to show ones personality living in ones exterior. Okay whatever…haha

Great Lash Waterproof Mascara in Very Black

So… I got this in a pack. 2 bottles in one packaging. I got mine for Php350.00 from a Facebook seller (who got her items form the US – so these are authentic.) It comes in a pretty pink and black bottle. Its applicator wand just have small bristles which requires a bit more effort in application.

Great Lash Waterproof Mascara

I’ve never been a fan of Maybelline but after trying two of their mascaras, this, the Great Lash Waterproof Very Black and Vollum’ Express Waterproof in Brown, the brand got my respects. (They are really waterproof!) So basically, I only use their mascaras.

Small wand

The only thing I don’t like about their waterproofs is that its REALLY hard to remove. So I have to be extra careful when removing it so I won’t lose any lashes by plucking them accidentally. Ouch.

 I’d give this product a rating of 3.5/5 for waterproof mascara lovers. 




So I thought I’d try and make my own version of Michelle Phan’s Rainbow Eyeshadow Look. I was pretty bored one night after a long tiring day, so I decided to take out the stress out of my system in a creative way. I do not intend to make this as an everyday makeup look. I was just simply at the heat of creativity to play with my colors. Please excuse my tired looking eyes and oily face on the photos too…

Rainbow eyed tired face :p

There’s nothing much I can do with my full eyebrows so I just used a brown mascara to keep it place neatly. (Maybelline Volum’ Express Waterproof)

So first I used a white eyeshadow base. I had to use a white base so that the bright pastel colors will pop out. (NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil)

Next, I applied the lightest color first which is Yellow. I applied it on the middle part of the lid. (Props 78 Palette #1)

Then, for the outer lid and some parts of the crease, I used the hotest pink color in the palette. (Props 78 Palette #1)

And to finish the rainbow, I used the darkest royal blue color from the same palette. (Props 78 Palette #1)

Then blend the three colors lightly to remove any harsh edges for a soft and light rainbow color look. (#222)

Highlighted the upper brow bone with my favorite highlighter. (Benefit High Beam)

Then, I  lined my upper lashes with a dark bluish-green eyeliner. (Styli-style Eye Pencil in Vienna)

And lastly, curled my lashes and applied a black mascara for stronger Feline eyes. (I know I should have opted for a regular curl but I just love long Feline lashes 😉

And then tadaaaa… My rainbow shadowed eyes for the summer! 🙂

Closeup (Sorry for the pixelated image)

I’ll try to take neat photos next time 🙂