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So I thought I’d try and make my own version of Michelle Phan’s Rainbow Eyeshadow Look. I was pretty bored one night after a long tiring day, so I decided to take out the stress out of my system in a creative way. I do not intend to make this as an everyday makeup look. I was just simply at the heat of creativity to play with my colors. Please excuse my tired looking eyes and oily face on the photos too…

Rainbow eyed tired face :p

There’s nothing much I can do with my full eyebrows so I just used a brown mascara to keep it place neatly. (Maybelline Volum’ Express Waterproof)

So first I used a white eyeshadow base. I had to use a white base so that the bright pastel colors will pop out. (NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil)

Next, I applied the lightest color first which is Yellow. I applied it on the middle part of the lid. (Props 78 Palette #1)

Then, for the outer lid and some parts of the crease, I used the hotest pink color in the palette. (Props 78 Palette #1)

And to finish the rainbow, I used the darkest royal blue color from the same palette. (Props 78 Palette #1)

Then blend the three colors lightly to remove any harsh edges for a soft and light rainbow color look. (#222)

Highlighted the upper brow bone with my favorite highlighter. (Benefit High Beam)

Then, I  lined my upper lashes with a dark bluish-green eyeliner. (Styli-style Eye Pencil in Vienna)

And lastly, curled my lashes and applied a black mascara for stronger Feline eyes. (I know I should have opted for a regular curl but I just love long Feline lashes 😉

And then tadaaaa… My rainbow shadowed eyes for the summer! 🙂

Closeup (Sorry for the pixelated image)

I’ll try to take neat photos next time 🙂



Boi~ing! Boi~ing! Boi~ing! Imagine the sound of a twisted metal wire with that boing sound! Now that describes this industrial strength concealer. For the face, upper body, lower body, arms, legs, whatever! Get the picture?

BOI~ING Concealer

One pot is priced at $18.00 A modest price for a modest concealer. So modest that you wouldn’t notice that its there somewhere on your pretty face, doing its wonders covering your most undesirable flaw. It’s got this creamy texture that covers any dark area on your face without creasing hence a smooth and invisible coverage. Huuray!

It comes in a really cute hot-pink and black packaging (the one on the photo appears lighter because of the flash and lighting).  It’s got a clear lid with the BOI~ING logo branded on it.

BOI~ING in Deep Pretty Packaging

BOI~ING comes in three shades. Light, Medium and Deep. Unfortunately the Deep shade got into my items instead of the Medium that was ordered. So I had to give it away. Ordered another one which is now in transit 🙂


I’d give this one a 3/5.

Boi~ing! Boi~ing! Boi~ing!

Smashbox’ HD concealer is still my favorite though 🙂


Now this specific product was purchased by me, BY ACCIDENT. A very careless-impulsive accident might I add.  I was actually buying a bottle of Moon Beam and a couple of Benefit products when this had happened. I was only doing my shopping online so I was only able to “inspect” the items through the photos posted on the Benefit Website. And so I had a couple of items on the list already when I decided to ‘checkout’ and then a small photo of this Bag Gal Liner appeared on the sidebar of the site. And then pooof! the rest is history. (Thanks to my good friend for purchasing and shipping those Benefit products to me by the way. You know who you are babe!) 😀

BAD Gal Smoldering Black Eye Liner

Anyway, so back to the primary purpose of blogging… I have never thought of using a dry pencil as a liner since I’ve had bad experiences with smudging aka “the raccoon” look. I have always used the liquid kind, but for the sake of not wasting a couple of bucks I had to try it on atleast.

I was surprised to not have been disappointed. It’s not a waterproof liner but it did  stay on just right. The soft-crayon-like formula works well for creating a smooth thick or thin line. It worked well on “tight-lining” too. (Well atleast for me) Its color is sooooo BLACK, (DARK and INTENSE) that it did justice on its name, “Bad Gal”. I use this one whenever I feel like making my look stronger with feline eyes. Its a great liner for heavy smokey eye shadow look as well.

I'll post a swatch next time =) (sorry shoo tamad)

The Bad Gal Liner comes in a pretty pink and black bulky silky-matte-like box. The pencil itself is thick so a jumbo sharpener is a must. It’s got a black cap for hygienic purposes. The thing about this eyeliner pencil is that, with it being so thick, you have to use an eyeliner brush (I use an angled eyeliner brush) to apply it on since you cannot really rely on the thick pencil. Putting it on directly will result to a tad thick crooked line! Although you can use it as a regular liner when freshly sharpened. Some people don’t use a brush when applying this, so I guess it will always depend on how it works for you.

So one Bad Gal Smoldering Black Eye Liner Pencil costs $20.00 (or Php 880.00) I got mine from SF,California via my friend 😀 There was actually a sale when I got this one so I got it on a lower price, but considering the normal prices, I think this one’s a steal for such quality.


This black liner is definitely a staple for me!

But of course Givenchy will still own the throne but that’s a another story(blog!:p)

From your Benefit pal! 


Haha! Atlast! I got another Bad Gal Mascara! *tears*

Another $19.00 of addictive black formula for every pair of strong feline eyes.

Gotta order in again before this one runs out. See my previous posts for a rerview on this product! 🙂

From Sephora ION Sg: I already took it off the box

Who loves Benefit?! Meeee-ow!


Now this was my “Make up product” for the year 2010. It was last year when I discovered this and I totally fell in love with it! I got it in early 2010 but during that time, I was just using the make up basics since I’m still in college and everyone knows, make up application doesn’t have a place in my hectic busy schedule.  It was only after my last semester in college that I started using this one. And in an instant, I GOT HOOKED! Like crazy! I have 1 in stock and 2 more incoming from Sephora SG and US (courtesy of my friend). See, crazy crazy in love.

High Beam

Benefit High Beam is the final ingridient to my everyday fresh make up look. It makes my fair skin look more porcelain-y. And I could be a digicam addict sometimes and I can really see how the Benefit High Beam makes my skin look radiant.  I guess hence the name “high beam”? hehe

Back bottle costs $24.00 (or Php 1056). And it comes in a cute glass nail polish-like bottle, with an applicator attached to the cap. I don’t use the applicator for hygienic purpose, instead I take some of the product and place it in a mixing palette before I use a brush. I have a specific brush solely for high beam use. I really don’t like it when my brushes share a product, especially when I use it often.

Bottle Cap and Applicator

The product looks like a slightly metallic light pink in liquid form. (like a nail polish actually) But when you use it on your face, it blends easily on your skin/ foundation leaving a slightly-dewy-in a veyr good way-radiant glow on your complexion.  Like I said before, It really makes my skin looks like porcelain. =)

I’ll swatch it next time! 🙂

This is practically used as a highlighter. Put it on your cheekbones, brow bone, or even mix it with your foundation to add up a radiant finish. Also this is my first ever BENEFIT make up so it really has this special place in my heart (and in my dresser and on my stash drawer too! hehe!) This deserves a rating of 4/5 from me!

It’s just the perfect every day highlighter! 🙂

“A supermodel in a bottle?! I couldn’t agree more! :p”


This mascara is super BLACK (hence the “Bad Gal” name i guess! and did I mention that it has this adorably cute packaging! (Pink and Black!) 🙂 This baby was named by Daily Candy and Elle Beauty Top 5 Awards as the Best Mascara of 2010!

Benefit Bad Gal Lash

It has this famous BIG brush (full and thick bristles) that will surely cover your lashes for a voluminous look! NOT CLUMPY AT ALL! Love love love.

Look at that fat and full bristles...

One regular sized Bad Gal Mascara will cost you $19. It’s pretty expensive for a mascara but hey, its Benefit! 🙂

I got mine as a freebie at Sephora because I purchased a lot of cosmetics then. I tell you, once you get in Sephora ION, you’d go crazy. My sister uses this brand as well and she loves it! !

I actually had this magical mascara ordered from Sephora at SG. Can’t wait to get a hold of it! Just like what Rachel Zoe always say…”It’s to die for!”

We are such Benefit Fans! 🙂

Stay tuned for more Benefit Reviews!