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This perfect clear gloss is hard to find nowadays since this product’s already phased out, plus I’ve already hoarded it from 4 different Beauty Bar Branches here in Manila hahahaha!


POUT Pout Plump Gloss

(It looks white because of the flash but the actual tube is color pink)

Let me give you a brief background of the brand. For those who don’t know; “Pout” was a famous UK cosmetic brand that was known for its dainty and fun girl-y packagings. The company however faced a major re-branding and re-marketing strategy after it was acquired by a U.S. company, not so long after its filing of bankruptcy. (As of now, the brand is already known as “Pout Cosmetics.”) Suffice to say that the Pout products was no longer in circulation that time.  Beauty Bar is the only store that sells this brand in the Philippines and since late 2009 they have faced out the brand and all its products.

Hoarded Bunch =p

I was fortunate enough to find out about the Clearance Sale on this specific Pout product.  This particular lip gloss sells for Php 1,300.00. Yes its pretty pricey, but I tell you, this product is amazing! However, due to its “phasing-out phase,” I was able to get 7 units of this for only Php 300 each! Thank goodness! What a steal! I KNOW ! ! Okay so currently, I have 5 unopened tubes of the Pout Plump Gloss and a half-full tube, which i am currently using.

Pretty Pink Packaging

Now you might be wondering why on earth would I stock-up on clear lip glosses? I’ve actually let my friends try the lip gloss and they all LOVED it! I even gave one to my friend as a birthday gift.

Pretty Packaging

Okay so here goes:

First; It TASTES (not just smells) like peppermint.  A person next to you can smell it up to 2 feet away and its amazingly YUMMY! You will smell as if you just brushed your teeth.

Second; It has a strong cooling effect on your lips. You will actually feel a cooling sensation on your lips that lasts for a long while, say 20-30 minutes?

Third; It has plumping effect with the high glossy shine that it promises.

And Fourth; You can  use it at all times! Plain or pair it up with any lipstick color!

Plus of course, the packaging is just awfully CUTE!

Hang out with me and maybe I’ll let you try it! 😀


FYI: I am not planning on disposing any of my remaining stocks for this product. Yes. It’s all mine! hahahaha! :p