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This mascara gives you lashes a shimmering effect every time you flutter your eyelashes. I got this one 3 years ago and I only got to use it 4 times, I think. it actually pretty 🙂

SKIN FOOD Sparkle Glitter Mascara

I got this one from SKIN FOOD.  Costs only for Php 400-500  i think… I really didn’t have any plans on getting a shimmery mascara but when I saw it, it’s just too pretty to be left behind in a stoic display, so i got it hehe. Plus, the sales lady worked her sales-talk on me. Gahd.

Little Bristles

It comes in a medium sized bottle and a very cute applicator wand. It bristles are a little small but big enough to cover you lasher with sparkly glitters.

Pretty dazzling huh? 🙂