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I will be posting the foundations that I am currently using, hopefully soon!

A masterpiece starts with a a well primed canvas which is why choosing a foundation for make up is essential.

Girls don’t want their faces to look shiny and oily nor too dry and cakey for a photo up! Every skin type has its own needs and a suitable product should be considered. Some have oily skins, dry ones or even a combination. So picking up a foundation is something one should carefully do. You have to consider a lot of things like “Do I need sheer, medium or full coverage?” or “Should I use a powder or liquid foundation” and most of all “Which shade fits my skin tone”?

So you see, buying a foundation isn’t just a trip to a mall. It isn’t buying the shade you like from your favorite brand and most of all, it isn’t just buying one that fits your budget! Everyone should know the concept of “Value and Cost.” An expensive, let alone an overpriced foundation, doesn’t it make it a better one for your skin. But of course, you shouldn’t also sacrifice your skin for cheap ones. You should find a product that will suit you. Take note. Everyone and every skin has different needs.

So, for  now I’ll be saying in advance that I’ll be sharing to you my experiences in using the following  foundations: The Body Shop All in 1 Base Foundation, Mac Studio Fix Powder and  Foundation, Revlon Photo Ready Foundation, Cinema Secrets Foundation, The Face Shop 2in1 Powder Foundation and Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation! =)

Here’s a sneak peak on some of my foundations! ^__^

Revlon Photo Ready, The Body Shop Powder Foundation, Mac Studio Fix Powder and Foundations

Stay tuned! And don’t miss out! ^^



This specific item is purely a waste of money and space in my dresser. Sigh. I only got this because it goes with the Eyelash Curler that I really like from The Body Shop. (Probably being disposed of, hence the freebie >:D)

Divide and Multiply

My reviews for this tiny trouble maker are:

The smell isn’t appealing.

The applicator isn’t working and I doubt that it would work with anyone else’s lashes.

The formula stings. It really hurts.

It dries up only after you consumed all your energy in fanning it to dry.

Not water proof. It’ll make you look like a racoon when you got sweaty, let alone teary.

MY ADVICE: Don’t buy! 😉

(This is only my very personal opinion about this specific product.

But hey, I love Body Shop!: )