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This one’s my current favorite eyebrow groomer 🙂

I actually don’t use it for my lashes since I’m more comfortable with black mascaras. I chose to use brown shades for my eyebrows since mine are thick and too black already. So to soften my look, I use products with the brown shade.


One bottle is priced at Php 300-400. (forgotttt) Plus, it doesn’t dry up in the bottle. You can actually use the  entire product for a long time until the bottle literally gets empty. Cheap? Yep yep!

One thing I like about Maybelline’s Volum’ Express Mascara in Brown, is that it is actually water-proof, sweat-proof, smudge-proof, salt-water-proof (yes, I’ve tried it on the beach) and all the “proof” words that can describe its strong enduring-staying power. (Forgive my redundancies, but this really is an industrial strength mascara and I cannot think of any words to describe its awesomeness!) And to think that I use it on my thick eyebrows. It sure does the job done! It’s like a spray-net for the brows hehe.

Slightly Curved Brush

The color is the typical brown color. For some skin tones, the color brown may look fake on them. But since my brows are all black, it doesn’t make much difference. It just grooms.

Maybelline Volum' Express on my Eyebrows

I’ve tried using it for my lashes, though, but I didn’t really like the result. Nothing seems to change (improve) when I use it on my lashes. Or maybe my standards for lashes are too much I guess… Anyway, for my lashes, NOT! But for my brows, A TOTAL YES. 🙂

To tell you the truth, I never liked the brand Maybelline, until I found this extra-strong mascara hehehe.




If you haven’t read my previous blogs about my obsessive-compulsive eyebrow grooming, then may this enlighten you to why I am such an eyebrow groomer. A clear mascara for my long thick eyebrows.

I have lots of eyebrow products already (some are waiting in a long queue to be blogged) that’s why I’m not choosy when it comes to clear and plain ones. I used “In2it’s” clear mascara, before, whenever my  brows are freshly trimmed for a neat eyebrow look, but then changed to Nichido when I saw that they offer theirs in a much bigger and cheaper bottle. The formula is just like any other clear mascara brand (except for MACs). So basically, I only use this one for my brows.

Clear Mascara

One bottle is priced at around Php 90.oo only. See, its cheap! 🙂

Its applicator Brush is full and big, which is almost quite the same as the Benefit Bad Gal Mascara’s brush.


I am one of those girls who was blessed with bushy and full eyebrows, that’s why brow grooming is an essential part of my facial regimen. I often use mascaras in order to keep my long brows in place and MAC Brow Set does the job well.

MAC BROW SET: Girl Boy and Beguile

A mascara specifically for the eyebrows. Mac Brow Set has two colors: Beguile and Girl Boy. I first started using Girl Boy. It was introduced to me by my make-up artist; since then I’m addicted to it, which then led me in buying the other shade, Beguile.

One Brow Set costs Php 950. I got mine from MAC Rustans and MAC Trinoma. It is a bit pricey but for me and my bushy brows, it’s very much worth it. =)




I use this shade more often that the Girl Boy, since it’s much darker. It’s a slighty-dark brown shade so it’s less make-up-y look. This is a great ‘brow groomer” for everyday use. I love love this shade haha.

With MAC Brow Set Beguile on




This is a lighter brown color. I love this shade too. It softens ones look with the light brown shade (WITHOUT LOOKING FAKE.) This shade is always out of stock in Shangrila that’s why I rejoiced much when they had this shade in Trinoma hehe.

My left eyebrow with Girl Boy


Hurray for all Brow Set Addicts! =)