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Now I really have to give my praises to this wonderful waterproof mascara that live up to its promises! I now brand thee, Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara in Very Black, as my everyday Gym Mascara.

Yes! I’ve been using this product whenever I go to the gym. And it doesn’t smear, smudge, run at all (despite the storm of sweat that runs down my face. Of all the make ups that I can’t live without, a mascara earns a spot on my the list. I can go out without a blushers, foundations, powders, and lipsticks as long as I have my trusty mascara on. Because for me, if the eyes are the windows to the soul, then ones eyelashes are the perfectly complimenting shutters for those windows to show ones personality living in ones exterior. Okay whatever…haha

Great Lash Waterproof Mascara in Very Black

So… I got this in a pack. 2 bottles in one packaging. I got mine for Php350.00 from a Facebook seller (who got her items form the US – so these are authentic.) It comes in a pretty pink and black bottle. Its applicator wand just have small bristles which requires a bit more effort in application.

Great Lash Waterproof Mascara

I’ve never been a fan of Maybelline but after trying two of their mascaras, this, the Great Lash Waterproof Very Black and Vollum’ Express Waterproof in Brown, the brand got my respects. (They are really waterproof!) So basically, I only use their mascaras.

Small wand

The only thing I don’t like about their waterproofs is that its REALLY hard to remove. So I have to be extra careful when removing it so I won’t lose any lashes by plucking them accidentally. Ouch.

 I’d give this product a rating of 3.5/5 for waterproof mascara lovers. 




Haha! Atlast! I got another Bad Gal Mascara! *tears*

Another $19.00 of addictive black formula for every pair of strong feline eyes.

Gotta order in again before this one runs out. See my previous posts for a rerview on this product! 🙂

From Sephora ION Sg: I already took it off the box

Who loves Benefit?! Meeee-ow!


I got one in mini size from another Sephora freebie. It’s actually pretty nice. The applicator isn’t bad, though I’m not really a fan of it. It’s got this medium sized bristles which is enough to reach and put product on your lashes. It’s not my favorite mascara but this one is actually pretty okay. It definitely isn’t clumpy at all. You won’t see any traces of thick mascara applied, even if you’ve already used a generous amount. The lashes still looks natural, atleast for me.


This one’s my current favorite eyebrow groomer 🙂

I actually don’t use it for my lashes since I’m more comfortable with black mascaras. I chose to use brown shades for my eyebrows since mine are thick and too black already. So to soften my look, I use products with the brown shade.


One bottle is priced at Php 300-400. (forgotttt) Plus, it doesn’t dry up in the bottle. You can actually use the  entire product for a long time until the bottle literally gets empty. Cheap? Yep yep!

One thing I like about Maybelline’s Volum’ Express Mascara in Brown, is that it is actually water-proof, sweat-proof, smudge-proof, salt-water-proof (yes, I’ve tried it on the beach) and all the “proof” words that can describe its strong enduring-staying power. (Forgive my redundancies, but this really is an industrial strength mascara and I cannot think of any words to describe its awesomeness!) And to think that I use it on my thick eyebrows. It sure does the job done! It’s like a spray-net for the brows hehe.

Slightly Curved Brush

The color is the typical brown color. For some skin tones, the color brown may look fake on them. But since my brows are all black, it doesn’t make much difference. It just grooms.

Maybelline Volum' Express on my Eyebrows

I’ve tried using it for my lashes, though, but I didn’t really like the result. Nothing seems to change (improve) when I use it on my lashes. Or maybe my standards for lashes are too much I guess… Anyway, for my lashes, NOT! But for my brows, A TOTAL YES. 🙂

To tell you the truth, I never liked the brand Maybelline, until I found this extra-strong mascara hehehe.



This mascara gives you lashes a shimmering effect every time you flutter your eyelashes. I got this one 3 years ago and I only got to use it 4 times, I think. it actually pretty 🙂

SKIN FOOD Sparkle Glitter Mascara

I got this one from SKIN FOOD.  Costs only for Php 400-500  i think… I really didn’t have any plans on getting a shimmery mascara but when I saw it, it’s just too pretty to be left behind in a stoic display, so i got it hehe. Plus, the sales lady worked her sales-talk on me. Gahd.

Little Bristles

It comes in a medium sized bottle and a very cute applicator wand. It bristles are a little small but big enough to cover you lasher with sparkly glitters.

Pretty dazzling huh? 🙂


This mascara is super BLACK (hence the “Bad Gal” name i guess! and did I mention that it has this adorably cute packaging! (Pink and Black!) 🙂 This baby was named by Daily Candy and Elle Beauty Top 5 Awards as the Best Mascara of 2010!

Benefit Bad Gal Lash

It has this famous BIG brush (full and thick bristles) that will surely cover your lashes for a voluminous look! NOT CLUMPY AT ALL! Love love love.

Look at that fat and full bristles...

One regular sized Bad Gal Mascara will cost you $19. It’s pretty expensive for a mascara but hey, its Benefit! 🙂

I got mine as a freebie at Sephora because I purchased a lot of cosmetics then. I tell you, once you get in Sephora ION, you’d go crazy. My sister uses this brand as well and she loves it! !

I actually had this magical mascara ordered from Sephora at SG. Can’t wait to get a hold of it! Just like what Rachel Zoe always say…”It’s to die for!”

We are such Benefit Fans! 🙂

Stay tuned for more Benefit Reviews!



This product is a great everyday mascara. For a korean brand, this one’s lives up to its marketing promises, at least for this specific product, the Greatist Mascara. I’ve been using their Black mascara in “01 Curling & Lash” for almost a year now and it is one of my favorite “lash enhancers.”

Pretty Elegant Bottles

I like the material of its applicator. It’s bristles are fine and doesn’t make the product go clumpy every time you take it out of the bottle. It distributes the product in my lashes just right. Plus, it has this sleek and elegant bottle. It actually has the same bottle design as the Greatist Liquid Eyeliner.

Its the "Goldilocks" brush hehe

One Bottle is priced at Php 495.00 0r 545.00 (something between that range – Im not really good with remembering prices) . Just right! Not too pricey or cheap to be doubted, that’s why I think its great for everyday use.

One bottle lasts for one month for me, since I use it up so fast with my normal triple coat application hehe. I am not a mascara addict but somehow I find it necessary ever since I stopped having Eyelash Extensions. (I’ve gotten used to having long lashes which is why having no extensions makes me feel that I don’t have any lashes anymore.)

The down side is, the product tends to get dried out when you don’t get to use it often. (just my observation)

Some Korean Brands have a few good cosmetic products, and for The Face Shop, the Greatist 01 Mascara is definitely one of those!

A rating of 3.5/5 for this product! =)