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Now this specific product was purchased by me, BY ACCIDENT. A very careless-impulsive accident might I add.  I was actually buying a bottle of Moon Beam and a couple of Benefit products when this had happened. I was only doing my shopping online so I was only able to “inspect” the items through the photos posted on the Benefit Website. And so I had a couple of items on the list already when I decided to ‘checkout’ and then a small photo of this Bag Gal Liner appeared on the sidebar of the site. And then pooof! the rest is history. (Thanks to my good friend for purchasing and shipping those Benefit products to me by the way. You know who you are babe!) 😀

BAD Gal Smoldering Black Eye Liner

Anyway, so back to the primary purpose of blogging… I have never thought of using a dry pencil as a liner since I’ve had bad experiences with smudging aka “the raccoon” look. I have always used the liquid kind, but for the sake of not wasting a couple of bucks I had to try it on atleast.

I was surprised to not have been disappointed. It’s not a waterproof liner but it did  stay on just right. The soft-crayon-like formula works well for creating a smooth thick or thin line. It worked well on “tight-lining” too. (Well atleast for me) Its color is sooooo BLACK, (DARK and INTENSE) that it did justice on its name, “Bad Gal”. I use this one whenever I feel like making my look stronger with feline eyes. Its a great liner for heavy smokey eye shadow look as well.

I'll post a swatch next time =) (sorry shoo tamad)

The Bad Gal Liner comes in a pretty pink and black bulky silky-matte-like box. The pencil itself is thick so a jumbo sharpener is a must. It’s got a black cap for hygienic purposes. The thing about this eyeliner pencil is that, with it being so thick, you have to use an eyeliner brush (I use an angled eyeliner brush) to apply it on since you cannot really rely on the thick pencil. Putting it on directly will result to a tad thick crooked line! Although you can use it as a regular liner when freshly sharpened. Some people don’t use a brush when applying this, so I guess it will always depend on how it works for you.

So one Bad Gal Smoldering Black Eye Liner Pencil costs $20.00 (or Php 880.00) I got mine from SF,California via my friend 😀 There was actually a sale when I got this one so I got it on a lower price, but considering the normal prices, I think this one’s a steal for such quality.


This black liner is definitely a staple for me!

But of course Givenchy will still own the throne but that’s a another story(blog!:p)

From your Benefit pal! 



This is my very first ETUDE HOUSE cosmetic. I was looking for a high endurance eyeliner when I came across this one. I had to try out the brand itself anyway, so I thought I’d start with this one.

Code B Strong Eyes Cream Liner

One pot is priced at around Php 395.00 – 450.00 (i forgot, but I’m sure it’s within that price range.) I think Etude has 3 shades for this product (Black and Browns – light and dark.) I got one in Dark Brown #3, because such shade softens my eyes and whole look, unlike Black ones (which tends to be too Black and fake-looking.)

#3 Dark Brown

It is packaged in a small black shiny tall box with the name “Code B” in it. Probably the name of the collection the product is under (which is actually great!) The product is in a small glass-like pot container and you’d get a free applicator brush with it. (thin and just right for eyeliner application.)

As for the formula of  the “Code B Strong Eyes Cream Liner,” I’d say it’s a tolerable quality. It sure is water and sweat proof! I use this when I go swimming and it wouldn’t smear off. Another industrial-strength eye product we got here. Rubbing it off without a make-up remover would be futile.

The only down-side, at least for me, is that it dries up fast when your still on the process of applying and it hardens the brush applicator. Which is why I take out half a pea size from the pot and use a  mixing palette so the whole pot won’t dry out.

Sorry for the blurred image

If you want a strong eyeliner that can endure all elements, you may want to try out this one. Not bad for a cheap Korean brand.

A rating of 2.8/5 for this one! =)


It’s been almost a year since I’ve discovered the Revlon ColorStay Eye Pen. I was having an eyeliner-phase so I exhaustively tried and tried on different brands until I found the 03 Blackened Brown from the Revlon ColorStay Collection.

REVLON Color Stay Liquid Pen in 003

A liquid pen costs Php 575.00 from malls which is a bit pricey for an eyeliner by a mass-brand cosmetic, but the quality of this baby sure does redeem itself.

Stocking up for the rainy days 🙂

I like the color03 Blackened Brown. It isn’t too black nor browny. It’s actuallly a mix of both which makes it look like a soft black so you won’t look like an eyeliner-rockstar-addict. I’ve always had a bad hand when it comes to applying eyeliners which is why the liquid pen type makes it easy to use. Plus, it’s waterproof and it endures one’s oily face for a whole day. You don’t even have to worry when taking it off because you can easily wipe it off with a wet-ones towel or make up remover. I use this liquid eyeliner pen everyday. I’d say this is a perfection in a pen! 🙂

I would recommend this product for those who use eyeliners everyday. It’s a 4/5 for me.


Did you know that ELIANTO is in the process of liquidating here in the Philippines? Apparently, they’re having all their stocks liquidated with their buy1take1 and 70% off promo. At the rate they’re going, probably by May, the ELIANTO brand will be completely erased in the country’s Cosmetic Industry (at least that’s what the rumors say). Too bad I really like their Shimmer Sticks. Bummer.

Cuteness in the air

Sorry for the shady photo

One Shimmer Stick costs Php 299.00 or 399.00 (i forgot… im such a goldfish). The price isn’t that bad. It’s pretty and cute! It goes with a pen type- packaging where you can twist the bottom part (like a lipstick.)

Yellow Peach Blue

Anyway, so I got 3 ELIANTO Shimmer Sticks. It’s actually an eyeshadow in a stick. And basing from its name, yes, it a shimmer eyeshadow. I got the colors Yellow, Light Blue and something that’s Nude-Orange-Peachy (The color doesn’t have any specific name). You can use it as an eyeshadow or an eyeliner. I simply use it as an eyeshadow when I’m too lazy to mix up shadows. It’s a good eyeshadow base/ light shadow as well.

Also, did you know that ELIANTO is a Malaysian Brand? And that the word “elianto” means “sunflower”? Anyway, just a trivia.



The Face Shop’s Greatist Liquid Eyeliner is smudge and water-proof. I normally use this on occasions that requires a full make-up, albeit it can be used as an everyday liner as well.

Greatist Liquid Eyeliner's Sleek Elegant Design

Very Fine Tip (Brush)

One bottle is costs Php 475.00. This eyeliner comes in a very elegant bottle of gold, black and a clear plastic glass. It’s applicator is a fine brush and easy to use. The blackness of the liquid eyeliner is a deep black and every application is a thick-finish.

With Flash

With the Greatist Liquid Eyeliner on my left eye. (Sorry for the pixelated image)

The down-side is, it doesn’t dry up as fast as it should, that’s why I still have to use a fan to dry it all up. And it’s kinda difficult to wipe off. You’ll need a strong make up remover for this one. Plus, it tends to be shiny after it dries, which is actually cute and girly-looking, but is very much against to looking all natural. But if you want an industrial-strenght eye-liner, maybe you’d want to try this one.  🙂

I’d give this a rating of 2.5/5.


Styli-Style. Now this brand is a savior. They offer their eye and lip liners in pretty innovative designs. Now this beauty tool is my recent favorite liner pencil – for the eyes and lips. Its flat and easy to use because its tip is pointed just right. Plus, its creamy so the application is a no sweat. You can use it as a liner or eyeshadow. I kinda like it as an eyeshadow since it’s already creamy so I don’t need to use any primers anymore. I often use the Styli-Style Flat Eyeliners, when I’m in a hurry, as a base when making a smokey-eye look since other colors and other eyeshadow brands blends with it perfectly.

Styli-Style Flat Eyeliners Vegas and Vienna and the cute Flat Sharpener

You can buy one flat pencil for Php 575.00 or Php525.00 (sorry i forgot), in all Beauty Bar Stores. Of-course, the brand offers its own unique sharpener for this specific product, which costs Php 275.00 or Php 255.00 (forgot, again.)

MY STYLI-STYLE PENCILS: Vegas, Vienna, St. Carnaby, Madison, Monte Carlo, Marbella

My first Styli-Style haul was mostly lipliners (St.Carnaby, Madison, Monte Carlo and Marbella). I just added 2 eyeliner shades for trial and now I have 4 more shades on my must buy list, but for now, here’s Vienna (Frost Blue) and Vegas (Gold).

With Flash: Vienna and Vegas

No Flash: Vienna and Vegas

As of Now I Am Loving VEGAS!


Check out Beauty Bar for more of this gorgeous pencil!