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How can I ever groom my brows without my ever trusty Hand Mirror? This mirror is my tweezer’s official partner in crime when it comes to brow grooming.

Pretty Design at the Back of the Mirror

It's got this dome design at the back

The Golden Mirror hehe

A gold plated (yes, of course I’m exaggerating) mirror with a pretty butterfly and floral design bedazzled with rhinestones. It was a gift from my sister two years ago. It has a special place in my dresser, along with my gold plated tweezers (I’m exaggerating again.) Pretty pretty pretty! 🙂




I’ve been posting quite a few lippies for a while now and Im thinking maybe my chapped lips should take a break. Hmm… so why not post some other things that literally meets the eye?

KAT'S EYE: My browns seriously needs some trimming haha!

Yep! I’ll do that! Stay tuned!




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My first ever blog is a Beauty Blog! Join me as I travel through the world of the Beauty and Cosmetic Industry.  It going to be a journey that will soon be filled with a party mix of the tools of the trade –  from mass market brands to Pro-high-caliber make up brands! I’ll be posting my reviews with the beauty finds that I’ll be fortunate or not so fortunate enough to encounter. So play along with yours truly as I discover and create different masterpieces with my very own canvass, my pretty face! xoxo