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Did you know that ELIANTO is in the process of liquidating here in the Philippines? Apparently, they’re having all their stocks liquidated with their buy1take1 and 70% off promo. At the rate they’re going, probably by May, the ELIANTO brand will be completely erased in the country’s Cosmetic Industry (at least that’s what the rumors say). Too bad I really like their Shimmer Sticks. Bummer.

Cuteness in the air

Sorry for the shady photo

One Shimmer Stick costs Php 299.00 or 399.00 (i forgot… im such a goldfish). The price isn’t that bad. It’s pretty and cute! It goes with a pen type- packaging where you can twist the bottom part (like a lipstick.)

Yellow Peach Blue

Anyway, so I got 3 ELIANTO Shimmer Sticks. It’s actually an eyeshadow in a stick. And basing from its name, yes, it a shimmer eyeshadow. I got the colors Yellow, Light Blue and something that’s Nude-Orange-Peachy (The color doesn’t have any specific name). You can use it as an eyeshadow or an eyeliner. I simply use it as an eyeshadow when I’m too lazy to mix up shadows. It’s a good eyeshadow base/ light shadow as well.

Also, did you know that ELIANTO is a Malaysian Brand? And that the word “elianto” means “sunflower”? Anyway, just a trivia.