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MAC’s Ruby Woo Matte lipstick is a bluish red matte. It’s definitely a must buy for those who wish to own a striking-red-devilish lips!  As usual it has the signature MAC scent.


Everyone knows that one MAC bullet lipstick costs $14.50 (Php 638.00) in the US. Here in the Philippines you can get a regular shade in all MAC stores for Php 950. But what most might not know is that it can actually be purchased from Duty Free for only Php700-ish. (So girls! What are you waiting for? Join me as I splurge on these babies :p)

Again as usual, everyone, including me loves the creamy and long wearing formula of all MAC Lipsticks. Easy to put on. Like most say, it’s definitely worth the price. Just don’t pick out a color that would look terrible on you! :p On the other hand, this specific matte shade is just a little bit more dry compared to the regular kinds.

Ok so anyway, not  much can be said to describe the wonderful unique color of a MAC bullet lipstick so here goes the swatch 🙂

MAC Ruby Woo Matte

I really like how I was able to shape-up my lips with this vividly-opaque-red matte! Two words: FULL LIPS! :p

For me, the application for this specific shade  requires precision and patience! haha! It’s matte formula tends to be dry when applied on bare lips. But you’d be really amazed on how long it stays on your lips even after a long day of eating! (Yes! tried and tested – even with ramen! hehe)

As you can see, it gives out a powerful red color although it tends to look a bit dry. Which is why I tried it on with a plain lipgloss. I think I used the Pout Plump Gloss on this on-lip swatch. Look how scary-red my lips were! It actually reminded me of the evil antagonist from the movie 101 Dalmatians! Cruela DeVil! :))

SCARY RED! Imagine a pair of vampire teeth behind those alluring redness! Yikes!

Go to your nearest MAC store and try a few shades! 😉



Revlon Matte Lipsticks. This is the very first matte lipstick brand that I used, and I LIKE IT! 🙂 For a mass-brand lipstick, this one isn’t that  bad. Every application promises a full-matte-color finish. And this one doesn’t make my lips dry at all. I’m not sure in other girls’ cases but this definitely works for me. It’s the type of matte lipstick that can be used everyday. This one is actually my 3rd favorite matte lipstick brand.

Revlon Matte Lipsticks only cost Php 475 per tube on all Department Stores. Not bad, considering the good quality and finish of the product. I actually have finished 1 tube already and it lasted for about 6 months.

Natural Light: (001) Nude Attitude, (002) Pink Pout, (003) Mauve It Over, (004) Pink About It

With flash: (001) Nude Attitude, (002) Pink Pout, (003) Mauve It Over, (004) Pink About It

I’ve got the first four shades of the Matte Lipstick Collection in my dresser: 001 – Nude Attitude, 002 – Pink Pout, 003 – Mauve it Over, 004 – Pink About It

Swatch (001-004)

With Flash: 001 - 004


001 – NudeAttitude

(Basic Nude Color)

This shade is perfect Nude Color for a Smokey Look effect. I sometimes use this as a “lipliner” before I put on a light colored lipstick since it practically covers up the dark color around my lips. Plus, it somehow acts as a lip concealer.

Most of the time I mix it with other colors since it gives out a good lightening effect. It makes darker colors ( red, pink, orange) look lighter but still keeping the original deep shade. I often mix it with lipstick shades in the “Orange shade family” since it looks natural on me because of my fair skin tone.

002 – Pink Pout

(A little dark-Light Pink Color)

002 - Pink Pout

I’ve never been a pink lipstick fan (because it doesn’t seem to coordinate with my everyday look), but that doesn’t keep me from trying out playful lipstick colors.  Pink pout is a slightly deeper shade of the light pink color. It’s actually pretty cute.

003 – Mauve it Over

(Soft brick color, perfect for natural look)

003 - Mauve It Over

Now this shade is a savior when I  have to apply make-up in a hurry since this color compliments most looks. It is a type of mauve color that isn’t too strong. It’s actually a lighter version of a brick red shade and it makes your lips look naturally soft and healthy. Even my sister keeps on borrowing this one from my collection.

004 – Pink About It

(A deep Solid Pink Color)

004 - All About Pink

Now this deep pink shade can transform a fair skin-toned gal to a living Barbie. It’s just so bloody pinky and cute! Although I wouldn’t advise morenas to wear this color. This playful color will surely brighten up one’s look. Put on some Lipglass and viola! You’re a star! 😉