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So I thought I’d try and make my own version of Michelle Phan’s Rainbow Eyeshadow Look. I was pretty bored one night after a long tiring day, so I decided to take out the stress out of my system in a creative way. I do not intend to make this as an everyday makeup look. I was just simply at the heat of creativity to play with my colors. Please excuse my tired looking eyes and oily face on the photos too…

Rainbow eyed tired face :p

There’s nothing much I can do with my full eyebrows so I just used a brown mascara to keep it place neatly. (Maybelline Volum’ Express Waterproof)

So first I used a white eyeshadow base. I had to use a white base so that the bright pastel colors will pop out. (NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil)

Next, I applied the lightest color first which is Yellow. I applied it on the middle part of the lid. (Props 78 Palette #1)

Then, for the outer lid and some parts of the crease, I used the hotest pink color in the palette. (Props 78 Palette #1)

And to finish the rainbow, I used the darkest royal blue color from the same palette. (Props 78 Palette #1)

Then blend the three colors lightly to remove any harsh edges for a soft and light rainbow color look. (#222)

Highlighted the upper brow bone with my favorite highlighter. (Benefit High Beam)

Then, I  lined my upper lashes with a dark bluish-green eyeliner. (Styli-style Eye Pencil in Vienna)

And lastly, curled my lashes and applied a black mascara for stronger Feline eyes. (I know I should have opted for a regular curl but I just love long Feline lashes 😉

And then tadaaaa… My rainbow shadowed eyes for the summer! 🙂

Closeup (Sorry for the pixelated image)

I’ll try to take neat photos next time 🙂



This brand started my lipstick-craze phase. Why? Because you can get as many from the 144 available shades for a dime each tube! Okay, I’m exaggerating. One tube can cost you USD 4.oo or  Php 180.oo (Php44=$1). Still cheap! (And I got mine for Php 160 from a multiply seller! haha!) And with the wide array of choices for Full-color and Frost shades, expect that you will have a panic-buying experience!

Nyx Round Lipsticks are highly pigmented.

Expect a full-color effect on all shades.

Creamy-feel on every application.

Very affordable. (Mass Brand – U.S.)

Satisfactory Scent (but fades away after application.)

It’s the type of brand in which you can experiment with different colors. Be Playful with the cutesy-cutesy colors, Natural with the nude and neutral shades, Flirty with the striking vivid colors, Seductive with bloody reds or Glam with the Frosty-Diva-Like shades! So either you’re a sugar, spice or everything that’s nice, NYX Round Lipsticks can offer you the shades that can brighten up every ladies’ asset; Smile!


First NYX Round Lipstick Review:



(Left-Right) Frappucino, Fig


Natural Light: Frap and Fig

With Flash: Frap and Fig

These are the very first shades that I have purchased. I actually got these from a multiply store. This specific brand is mainly circulated in the U.S. but now there are many online sellers that offer Worldwide shipping. You can even find a couple of sellers in multiply or facebook that sell this brand.

So I got the FRAPPUCINO and FIG. The former’s more of a nude-pink color while the latter shows a deep pink color.





I actually first encountered this shade when my sister had her make-up done for her prom by a professional artist. She wanted a soft pink-natural shade so the artist used the NYX RL FRAPPUCINO shade. I fell in love with this one that’s why I got one for my own use.

When you look at the product at first sight, you might see it as a browny shade, but no. It is actually a nude shade meets red brick with a hint of pink. It’s a good lipstick shade if you’re aiming for a natural look.





This shade reminds me of  Pink-Plastic-Barbie-Bubblegum. It has a deep-pink shade that looks soft at the same time. This one’s sooo girly! CUTE! This shade is a 4/5 star if you’re aiming for a Barbie Pink look.





For more shades, you can check out the official NYX website:





NYX Lip Lacquer Pot is a portable lipgloss in a cute glass-like container. This one sells for USD 5.50 or Php 242.00 ($44 – Php1). Sadly I got it for Php 300. Still not bad, since it’s not really available in the Philippines.



Lip Lacquer Pot

I got the Georgia Peach Color for my first ever NYX LIP LACQUER POT. It’s actually a pretty-okay gloss if you want a full color nude lip gloss for a Smokey-eye look. This one’s not really that bad considering the cheap cost and it’s full-color effect.

NYX Lip Lacquer Pot Georgia Peach

Nude Full-color Gloss

The thing is, you have to use a lip brush. Using your fingers would be messy. I would rate this one 2.75/5. The product is okay and usable but not highly-recommended.