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I only have one word for this product, and that is YUM!

It’s my sister and I’s favorite flavored lipbalm! We actually got this by accident . In order to avail of the freebie (which was a gold sequined make up kit,) we had to reach a certain amount of purchases. So to fill in the gap we added this cheap lipbalm/gloss in our basket. Little did we know that it would turn out to be the best thing that we bought from the Face Shop that day.

Fresh Lipbalm Strawberry

Light Peachy Pink but likely clear for a balm/gloss

I’m telling you, you have to buy it! It’s strawberry flavor is just so YUMMY!!! You can smell the strawberry flavor diffusing straight to your nose as you open the pot. hihihi. Plus its a good gloss too.

It only cost Php185.00 or 195.00 (i forgoot) and it comes in a generous sized pot. But of course like every other balms-in-pots, you have to use your fingers in applying. But hey, its really yummy! WAY BETTER THAN the lipbalms from Body Shop bwahahaha

Its a 4/5 for this yummylicious balm! =)




This product is a great everyday mascara. For a korean brand, this one’s lives up to its marketing promises, at least for this specific product, the Greatist Mascara. I’ve been using their Black mascara in “01 Curling & Lash” for almost a year now and it is one of my favorite “lash enhancers.”

Pretty Elegant Bottles

I like the material of its applicator. It’s bristles are fine and doesn’t make the product go clumpy every time you take it out of the bottle. It distributes the product in my lashes just right. Plus, it has this sleek and elegant bottle. It actually has the same bottle design as the Greatist Liquid Eyeliner.

Its the "Goldilocks" brush hehe

One Bottle is priced at Php 495.00 0r 545.00 (something between that range – Im not really good with remembering prices) . Just right! Not too pricey or cheap to be doubted, that’s why I think its great for everyday use.

One bottle lasts for one month for me, since I use it up so fast with my normal triple coat application hehe. I am not a mascara addict but somehow I find it necessary ever since I stopped having Eyelash Extensions. (I’ve gotten used to having long lashes which is why having no extensions makes me feel that I don’t have any lashes anymore.)

The down side is, the product tends to get dried out when you don’t get to use it often. (just my observation)

Some Korean Brands have a few good cosmetic products, and for The Face Shop, the Greatist 01 Mascara is definitely one of those!

A rating of 3.5/5 for this product! =)




The Face Shop’s Greatist Liquid Eyeliner is smudge and water-proof. I normally use this on occasions that requires a full make-up, albeit it can be used as an everyday liner as well.

Greatist Liquid Eyeliner's Sleek Elegant Design

Very Fine Tip (Brush)

One bottle is costs Php 475.00. This eyeliner comes in a very elegant bottle of gold, black and a clear plastic glass. It’s applicator is a fine brush and easy to use. The blackness of the liquid eyeliner is a deep black and every application is a thick-finish.

With Flash

With the Greatist Liquid Eyeliner on my left eye. (Sorry for the pixelated image)

The down-side is, it doesn’t dry up as fast as it should, that’s why I still have to use a fan to dry it all up. And it’s kinda difficult to wipe off. You’ll need a strong make up remover for this one. Plus, it tends to be shiny after it dries, which is actually cute and girly-looking, but is very much against to looking all natural. But if you want an industrial-strenght eye-liner, maybe you’d want to try this one.  🙂

I’d give this a rating of 2.5/5.